Thursday, September 25, 2008

Avada Kedavra to YOU, Spencer!

Internets, there is ALL KINDS OF CRAZY going on right now – real olde-tyme rootin’ tootin’ shit-the-couch kaaaaaah-RAY-zee up in here.

Seriously, Marie Osmond’s twisted-psycho-eyed Jenny Craig commercials are the very least of it. Even the bizarre email feud in which my once-Bushie, now pro-Obama in-laws find themselves embroiled with friends of fifty years’ standing – about which I assure you I will blog later, this is good shit – pales in comparison.

First, you got perky little puffballer Katie Couric nailing Sarah “Apocalypto” Palin to the fucking wall:

Then you got David Letterman cock-punching McCain for bailing on him and lying about it (admittedly, this is less “crazy nutso” and more “crazy fucking awesome”):

And then comes the (surprisingly un-surprising) revelation that the vile beast Palin got freed and protected from witchcraft at her signs-and-wonders Pentecostal church just three years ago, in anticipation of her run for governor (and excitedly recounted her experience in June 2008, see Olbermann for video), by a preacher whose claim to fame was ridding his own village of a literal, actual witch (link to video is at the end of the story).

This is the total maniac, Internets, whom nearly HALF of the citizens of this once-great nation fervently desire should be one aged, cancer-riddled heartbeat away from the Presidency.

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Blogger bonnjill said...

Perez Hilton has a 9 minute video clip of Letterman spouting off on McCain. It's pretty entertaining.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

Oh dude, that's the one I wanted -- couldn't find it in my necessarily quick youtube search. So much strange garbage to wade through ... thanks for posting!

12:53 PM  
OpenID slugger said...

Everyday I watch a new Sarah Palin video and cringe as she wades through "Public Speaking 101" with her GOP-generated talking points. How does she not go home every night and say "What have I done, how did I get into this? I am way over my head."

It's frightening, sad, bizarre, and humorous...all at the same time.

9:08 AM  

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