Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Also, was Miss Zuckerman-Vasquez supposed to be Ahhhhndrea’s daughter, or what?

All right, class. I want you all to put your heads down on your desks and close your eyes. No peeking.

Now, raise your hand if you watched the new 90210 last night.

OK, you can all open your eyes now. See? Everyone else did too. It’s all right. You don’t have to lie about it or hide what you did. So let’s discuss.

Internets – I wasn’t going to, honest I wasn’t. Even though I was glad to see Michael from The Wire getting work (not one of those actors ought to have a single day of downtime they don’t want, ever again). And even though I had a certain amount of morbid curiosity (I mean, this was ridonculous escapist Teevee at its best back in the day, not believable or even desirable for even a minute, but hilare and a ton of fun). But then I read where two of the guys responsible for the late, great Freaks and Geeks and also Undeclared were involved, and my resistance crumbled.

So how was it? Well … huh. Time has treated both Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty really strangely. The setup was better than the old one (guy raised in BevHil brings his family back from Kansass when the BevHil High principal job suddenly opens up, and yes, that makes more sense than a CPA getting called suddenly into service). The disgusting drunken lech of a grandma (clearly modeled on Holland Taylor’s role in Two and a Half Men) provided a few laughs. The kids were hotter and more sophisticated than in the old version (more what I would expect for the actual 90 zipcode), “The Pit” – still apparently the only coffeeshop/diner and hott nightclub in the Los Angeles metropolitan area -- made me laugh like a loon every time it was onscreen. The wife – chick from Full House – no WAY she’s been in Kansass all her life, not with that body, those clothes, that hair and teeth. The main girl – the new Brenda – is pretty cute, and the parents proudly uphold the 90 tradition of being about five years older than their children. I could’ve done without the big musical numbers (what the fuck is WITH America and our sudden nightmarish obsession with pro-am SINGING?). That guy with the jet is SOFA KING GAY.

So anyway -- I’m pretty sure I don’t need to add this to the TiVo lineup, but – it didn’t suck as bad as I thought it was going to.

When’s the next episode of Mad Men?

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Blogger Panda!!!! said...

In addition to the Freaks & Geeks pedigree, the pilot was co-written by the creator of Veronica Mars, so I HAD to watch.

Nice call on the U4EA!

But the most important question: Who is Kelly Taylor's baby-daddy? A test tube? After all, she chose "me"!

Finally, the best part about the original 90210 is that Brenda did not erupt into flames or suffer from instant depression after she lost her V on prom night. She was actually excited! And not pregnant!

12:14 PM  
Blogger bonnjill said...

Yeah, I watched it too (hides in shame). I remember watching the pre-release interviews with the "breakout stars" before the show even aired back in the summer of 1990, so it sucked me in. Not to mention the Rob Thomas involvement.

Totally lame use of Shannen Doherty, I might add. She didn't show up until an hour and a half into it and was only in 2 scenes - the hell?

I laughed when Andrea and Jessie's daughter was on the teevee and they made the comment about her looking 30. She didn't look that old (love Hallee Hirsh from ER), but most of these "kids" look even older than the original "kids." Naomi looked like she was at least 30+. Guess they are continuing that tradition as well...

12:38 PM  
Blogger bonnjill said...

And might I add that someone needs to give the "new Brenda" and the chick playing Erin Silver a sandwich stat!

12:40 PM  
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12:45 PM  
Blogger SDJaxies said...

...that was weird.

but speaking of mad men...have you ever noticed how much don draper loves to finger bang? twice in the last episode, one in each of the two previous's a little much for AMC but it's also a hilarious drinking game.

10:54 AM  

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