Monday, May 11, 2015

Timothy Simons is as wonderful as Jonah (aka Jonad) is awful. Please to discuss.

You know how lots of times, you'll read more about a writer or actor or musician whose work you really like, and find out they are a total d-bag or serial cheater or anti-vaxxer or a Libertarian or something, and then you're just like, ugh, I wish I hadn't gone looking and found that out. Right?

Well here is the total opposite of that situation: Timothy Simons, who plays Jonah on Veep.

Jonah, the character, is a loathsome, grasping, legend-in-his-own-mind type who both takes and dishes out the worst insults on the regular. He's strange, he's awful -- and in his own way, a true marvel.

Timothy, the actor, is awesome! He's funny, charming, thoughtful, feminist, organically weird -- ever since I stumbled across this blog post of his, I have been reading every interview he's given and fantasy-casting him in all of my favorite books (I see him as Wyatt in Monday, Monday; as Bunny -- who I know is written blond but who cares -- in The Secret History, etc.).

Refreshing, is what it is, to find out more about a public figure and it's all good. Yay, humans!

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