Thursday, July 26, 2012

That's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets.

So in the quest for authentic details for the thing I'm writing, I asked a few friends (Berwie, Lab Partner, and Lita Fajita) to xerox and send me whatever I wrote in their HS yearbooks. I don't have any of it in hand just yet, but from their responses, a picture is emerging of me that is ... not exactly how I remember it. What I'm saying is -- I thought I was a put-upon insecure outsider who covered her secret total awkwardness with loudmouthed "can't make fun a me if I do it myself first!" kind of transparent foolery. But I'm beginning to get the idea that I might have been -- how to say. I might have been a bully -- a junior asshole -- a Mean Girl. 

It's like when Liz Lemon went to her high school reunion, terrified of all the girls she used to think of as Mean Girls, and they were like, "Fuck you! You were so mean to me!" 

Ahh, well. My mouth, it seems, has a very long history of writing checks my butt can't cash. 

And that's today's roundabout Top Gun quote. 

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